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Images of the original documents on cd. The cd's are IBM & MAC compatible. You can use your own photo imaging program or IMB (and IBM compatible) users can download the program provided on each cd. Original Document Publishing maintains the high resolution of CensusView to give you the best clarity of the scanned document image. Just as CensusView, we do not index the document since transcribing contains many errors. The only index will come from the document book should there be one. If you use our image to transcribe we ask and appreciate your mentioning Original Document Publishing.

NOTE:*Sevier County AR Court Records: Oct 13, 1835 - May 3, 1838 Compiled by Kathy Hudson 159 pages of charges of murder, adultry, hog stealing, horse stealing, rape, divorce etc. This is scanned pages of the actual documents. This book will not be found in the courthouse, as it somehow made its way out of the and was sold at an estate sale. Indexed

**Sevier Co AR Compiled by Kathy Hudson Peddlers license, grocery license, fees for fines, taxes, etc. Many many early names mentioned. This is another book that made its way out of the courthouse and sold at an estate auction. Scanned pages of the actual documents. Indexed.

***Benton Co MO Marriages Many pages on the film was faded and even though we was able to pull 99% of the wording where it can be viewed.. it may be slow reading.