About us

My name is Kathy Stokes Hudson. Having no parents or grandparents by the age of 30, I was curious about my heritage. At that time we had to either write or travel to destinations to gather our documents. Many times I would come home from a long trip to find I had multiple copies of the same document. And libraries and court houses were limiting things you could bring in because people were stealing documents. This led me to design my own charts and the mini binders. I also began going across the United States setting up at genealogy seminars. I kept adding to my inventory and copyrights. Unfortunate circumstances caused me not to be able to travel across the country and attend the seminars. My interest in genealogy has never faded but I have had to redirected my interest over time. So now I make crafts which you will find at www.OkieDesignZ.com) If you have questions,contact me. 

Kathy Stokes Hudson