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Actual Census On CD-ROM The first company to digitize census records ....Don't settle for less than Census View's High Resolution images.... No one has been able to compete with our high resolution....Now MAC compatable.... Tired of long load times on the internet?....Use Census View cds....We do not want quick scanning for quantity of titles...we want QUALITY....


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Seminole, Ok. 74868-6829

A $25.00 fee will be applied to ALL returned checks. If a returned check is processed a second time and it returns a second time, an ADDITIONAL $30.00 fee will be added to the amount of the check.

We now receive online payments thru PayPal only. We take credit card orders thru PayPal if you have your PayPal account set up that way.Mail orders, if you wish to pay by check, money order or cashiers check. (You can get the postage by going thru the process checking out online without completing payment thru PayPal)

Genealogy Shoppe is now the proud copyright owner of Hollie Designs Family Tree and Family Tree II Cross Stitch patterns by Judy M. Gibbs

Census View has a NEW look
and A NEW program!!!
You can now view our high resolution images with your own image viewer or download XNView (Requires less than 10 mb space) that is on each cd if you wish to download. It is Windows XP and below compatable! You can zoom in, zoom out, lighten, darken, invert colors, rotate in small increments, choose the page number by the thumbnails or view by scrolling using the arrow buttons. XP users if you have the "old" version you can view the images from the cd on XNView. Census View "new" version is now MAC compatable!!! You can view the images on your MAC photo imager that comes with a MAC. (sorry XNView does not have a MAC program).

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Images of cemetery markers on cd - We try to get the best image of a marker, but sometimes it is impossible. Whether it is due to a tree being in the way or damage to the marker from the elements of the weather and time. Hopefully if you find a marker of interest on the cd in bad shape, you can find a way to replace it or place an additional marker to save the information for generations to come. The cd's are IBM & MAC compatible. You can use your own photo imaging program or IMB (and IBM compatible) users download the program provided on each cd..

Images of the original documents on cd. The cd's are IBM & MAC compatible. You can use your own photo imaging program or IMB (and IBM compatible) users can download the program provided on each cd. Original Document Publishing maintains the high resolution of to give you the best clarity of the scanned document image. Just as we do not index the document since transcribing contains many errors. The only index will come from the document book should there be one. If you use our image to transcribe we ask and appreciate your mentioning Original Document Publishing.

Genealogy Charts with a flair. From butterflies to Wanted Poster. Great for your own display or giving as a gift of love. Twelve different charts on each cd. You open the chart in your own photo image program, choose the font YOU like and just type in your family information. .

Seminole Co., OK Cemetery Map

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